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_having a great team is half the work

A great team of professionals that work together to deliver high-quality solutions. Efficiency and effective communication ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. We value transparency, therefore, our clients always know the status of their projects.
our team:
_embrace the change Paulius believes in technology and is eager to observe how the world is changing. Because only by embracing the change and applying the developments and inventions, we can move forward faster, in a more optimal way. He is surprised to see how habits tend to hide the possibilities and is always ready to think critically what can be changed to make work and activities more optimal, efficient, so that we have more time for the things that we love to do and enjoy doing. In his free time Paulius is travelling, playing discgolf, chess and figure-skating.
business consultant
_simplifying complexity Wendy is a business consultant at eSoftware Solutions. With her spontaneous, dynamic and sincere personality and analytical view, she supports the team in business strategy and business processes. She also coaches professionals and students to choose a job or study based on their talents and true passion. In her spare time she likes to take roadtrips with her motorcycle.
senior software engineer
_quality at the forefront Saulius likes to create applications and tools that improve the daily work of professionals in various fields, automating their monotonous tasks and various processes. According to him, the main task of an IT specialist is not only to be able to write good code, but also to be a mediator and help others to understand which technological solution would be most suitable for them. In his free time, he is interested in IT security technologies and innovations, because he believes that ensuring maximum security is a very important and relevant task in IT at the moment.
software engineer
_the value of the web Mykolas strives to provide as much value as possible to people with the use of technology. He believes that the open web standard is one of the most valuable and positive technologies in the world right now. The internet is a fascinating tool that we must keep improving, adapting, and protecting for the betterment of people everywhere.
graphic designer
_blurring boundaries Medeina enjoys creating in both digital and printed matter, drawing inspiration from everyday life, obscure internet archives, nature, and popular culture. With a research-based working process, she aims to create unique experiences that blur the line between graphic and conceptual design.
senior software engineer
_achieving maximum potential Andrius is a passionate IT specialist looking for solutions with innovative technologies. He believes that development of applications is often inefficient and that, by using the newest technologies, more can be achieved. By actively researching and using the latest technologies, he is sure that he has the maximum potential performance of desktop, mobile and web applications is reached.
business development consultant
_more efficient Tom is a passionate business development consultant, who strives to improve business processes in many ways. He can not tolerate needless time wasting, that is why he tries to make our world just a little bit more efficient every single day.
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